Learn to Lead Through Continuous Improvement

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The mission of the institute is to develop courses that provide global access to knowledge and a learning process intended to not only develop knowledge, but to to develop the habits of value-based leadership.

We promote leadership practices that fulfill the following values:

Unity and Diversity

That which divides leads to disintegration and failure. That which unites people in common purpose and effort creates energy and integration. Diversity of thought, culture and experience enrich every decision making process. Creating unity out of diversity is the challenge of leadership in our age. Whether in corporations or government, we live in an age in which unity of people has resulted in sustained peace and growing prosperity across the globe.

Inclusion and Engagement

Leaders in the 21st Century must develop both the habits and the organizational systems that create genuine engagement in decision-making at all levels of the organization. Human development, as well as organization development is a consequence of ownership and empowerment.

The Scientific Method

We live in a world in which politicians, the media, and even corporate executives, too often are more concerned with communicating an image rather than communicating facts. Good leaders are dedicated to truth, to the facts as demonstrated by real world data. We promote an understanding of fact-based leadership and change.

Life-Long Learning

Every organization must be dedicated to continuous improvement and every individual must be dedicated to life-long learning. The Institutes purpose is to provide easy access to high quality learning and assistance to both individuals and organizations.

The Democracy of Knowledge

In ages past, knowledge was the property of the few. The Institute believes in, and will promote, the democratic access to knowledge that will empower all of humanity to achieve their full potential and to a seat at the table of influence.

“Searching a best course for Team Leadership ends here…….awesome! Lawrence Miller is a Highly experienced author, created topics in a very systematic manner and providing his stories of experience from Industry. Very colorful and meaningful slides once we start the course we never feel to miss any of his lectures. Thanks a lot!!”

Hari Prasad Bandari

“It’s just fascinating. Every second, every minute. I’m learning so much. It’s opening my eyes to so many things! Larry is just great. The way he explains things, the examples he uses, his speech, well… Everything is just marvelous. I loved and enjoyed every second of this course, and I’m gonna make the best of it. THANK YOU.”

Ana Beatriz Gomes de Toledo

“To me this is an exceptional piece of coaching which is very well presented. Very clear communication which is easy to understand as examples are numerous to get to the main point. Deep diving is done to prepare the course and practical examples are given which is close to day to day operations in any business.” Hani Ul Nasir

For the past several months I have been working on a new course on leading change, gaining maximum engagement of stakeholders and reducing resistance to change. I recently published my course Change Management: Leading Transformational Change. To be honest, I think it is darn good and I want you to take a look at it. I am offering it at the discount of $12.99. If you are at all interested in the process of creating positive change, I am sure you will find it of great value.

The course includes seven hours of lectures, 26 downloadable articles, resources and all of the PowerPoints and graphics. Let me know what you think. You will find it on Udemy here, and on my Leadership Academy here. 

Larry Miller

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