Course Certifications


 The Institute for Leadership Excellence will only provide certification to students completing approved courses if they meet the following criteria:

First, the instructor or author must have demonstrated long experience in the field of leadership and organization development. They must have demonstrated thought leadership through publications and they must have demonstrated field experience creating successful change in client organizations.

The “belt certifications” of Yellow, Green and Black Belts has become a popular way of certifying successful learning and development. While these designations originated in Six Sigma, they have now been used in Lean Management and Leadership in manufacturing, health care and government. The Institute will offer certifications with these designations if they meet the following criteria:

Yellow Belt:

Yellow Belt certification indicates that a student has completed all the learning requirements for a course by demonstrating knowledge (testing) of the course material and has participated in the application of that knowledge to his or her workplace. An example of this application may be the participation on a team completing and A3 problem solving or a team that has mapped their work process and successfully eliminated waste or improved cycle time.

Green Belt:

Green Belt certification will be awarded to a student who has completed all of the Yellow Belt requirements and in addition has provided proof of completing all action-learning assignments and has led a team in the application in of a course’s lessons to demonstrated improved results in his or her organization.

Black Belt:

A Black Belt has achieved all of the above requirements and has coached other at least five other leaders who have completed a course. The Black Belt recipient will have demonstrated that those he or she has coached have achieved demonstrated performance improvement.

Certifications are now being offered in Team Leadership, Agile Strategy Execution, and Management Essentials.