The first Two online courses are currently available for Green Belt certification from ILE with completion of assignments.

The New Manager – The Essential Skills of Managing People, Teams, and Processes

A comprehensive course for new managers covering all of the people skills. Eleven hours of instruction, thirteen action-learning exercises. Available Green Belt Certification.

 Most new managers have the technical skills to succeed. What they most often lack is the skill of managing, motivating and developing their employees. This course is organized around three critical blocks of skills: First, managing and motivating individuals; second, leading high performing teams; and third, engaging their people in the continuous improvement of work processes. If a new manager can master these skills their success is virtually guaranteed. 

Team Leadership master class – Daily habits of Great teams

The complete Team Leadership training course, 74 lectures, 14 hours of material including two ebooks.

 To succeed as a manager, entrepreneur, or executive, you must have the skills of team leadership. This course provides those skills. It provides the skills of facilitation, communication, problem solving, conflict resolution, process improvement and managing human performance. It is based on the principles and practices of lean management and culture (Toyota Production System) and the instructors forty years of experience implementing team management and lean culture.

  •  Develop high performing teams, team leaders, and team coaches.
  • Lead teams in the continuous improvement of their process.
  • Develop sustainable lean culture.

Business Strategy Execution

 Strategy execution is a hot topic in management today. The Conference Board’s recent Survey of CEOs revealed that chief executives are so concerned about strategy execution that they rated it as both their number one and number two most challenging issue. Agile Strategy Execution is a complete process for aligning the culture and capabilities of the organization with business strategy. It presents a process of high engagement at all levels of the organization in designing the social, technical and economic systems of the organization.

Lean Leadership, Lean Culture and Lean Management

This course is based on practical field tested knowledge of lean culture and leadership. The course introduces the history of lean, the essential principles and practices, the “House of Lean” and the important functions of the lean leader. It also presents the two critical paths to lean implementation: first, the redesign of processes, systems and structure to create the foundation that enables teams to engage in continuous improvement; second, it presents the essential habits of teams and team leaders engaged in problem-solving and continuous improvement. Simply put, the student completing this course will be able to institute lean culture and lean leadership.

Coaching Managers & Leaders for Continuous Improvement

Great teams have great coaches. Great athletes have great coaches. And, we all become great in our field with the help of a dedicated and compassionate coach. This course will help you to become a successful coach who can help others achieve their own version of greatness.

This course is focused on coaching current leaders or managers within an organization to improve performance, develop new habits, and contribute to a culture of continuous improvement. Every great athlete has a coach. Every great musician has a coach. And, within great organization, like Toyota, every manager has a coach. The cost of external coaching is too great. This course is designed to prepare managers to coach both their own team members and to coach peer managers. 

This course will provide a seven step model for coaching that focuses on a challenge to achieve organization goals. The coach helps the client then establish short term targets for improvement and then breaks key skills down into pinpointed behaviors to be practiced and become the habits or skills of high performance.

Giving and Receiving Feedback for Management and Leadership

Giving employees or team members feedback is an essential skill for every manager or team leader. If you do this well, your team members will perform well. Their success is your success. That is the purpose of this course.

Feedback should be a primary learning activity, welcomed as an opportunity for growth by the recipient. Unfortunately, very often feedback is viewed as punishment, a source of anxiety that inhibits one’s ability to learn. The purpose of this course is to help you develop the skill of giving feedback in a way that reduces anxiety and maximizes the opportunity for learning and continuous improvement on the part of the individual. 

This course is intended to be very concise and direct, focused solely on this important skill of both giving and receiving feedback.