The following articles by Larry Miller and Dorothy Marcic are each PDF files that you are welcome to download and us in your own training and development.

Articles by Lawrence M. Miller

Whole-System Architecture Article

This paper presents a comprehensive model for redesigning the whole-system of an organization to lean principles. This is based on complexity theory, socio-technical systems, Ackhoff’s interactive planning, and other change management models that take into account both the entire system of the organization and are based on principles of high stakeholder engagement in the change process.

Lean Implementation in Home Health Care – the Design Process

This is a case study of changing the culture, the process, and improving performance using the Whole-System Architecture model.

Case Study – Blended Learning in Healthcare

This is the second stage of the case study above. First you design, then you develop the skills of working in teams and solving problems. The blended learning model employs online learning, action learning, and coaching.

Team Management & Leadership

This paper described how an organizations creates self-directed or natural work teams to optimize self-control and performance.

Dr. Dorothy Marcic, President

Leadership and Life Cycles

This paper is an excerpt from Mr. Miller’s book, Barbarians to Bureaucrats and describes the rise and fall of civilizations, corporations and the leadership styles that are the cause.

Redefining Capital, Capitalism & Sustainable Wealth

The ability to achieve a strategy is dependent on capital or assets. The assets of the organization include much more than financial assets and liabilities. The forms of capital that enable any culture to perform, whether the culture of a country or a company, include spiritual capital, human, social, innovation and financial capital. This is a new way of thinking about how the organization creates value. It is a different understanding of value then most will be used to.[1] However, it is increasingly well recognized that money does not produce money. Money is the result of human motivation, values, social relationships and the ability to innovate. Making money is an result of these other capabilities.

The Honda Way: A Visit to Marysville

This article proviedes a very useful model of a successful culture and it many systems and practices that result in that culture.

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